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Bridgewater College was designated a Selective Federal Depository Library in 1902.  We are primarily an electronic depository; access to online Government Documents are either online through this Libguide (or) in person (on campus) within our databases. Printed government documents are housed within our main collection and can be searched using our library catalog (Discovery link below).

The mission of the Government Documents unit is to support the general collecting activities of Bridgewater College's Library Services to serve our community and patrons from the 6th Congressional District. This mission is fulfilled in accordance with the requirements defined on the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) website, the Bridgewater College mission statement, and the Library Services mission statement.  Community members may use our public access computers (to search Gov Docs and our databases) on site. 

Further questions may be addressed to Vickie, our Government Document Librarian.