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For Community Patrons


Alumni and community members are permitted to sign up for library cards and check out our books and audiovisual materials. Community members may also use our public access computer to access the internet and online resources. 

If you have any questions about community access to the Forrer Learning Commons, email us at

Loan Rules

Item Type Length of Loan
General Books 60 days with a 30 day renewal
DVDs/CDs 1 week with a 1 week renewal
Bestsellers Books 30 days with no renewal

Community members may request 1 renewal for an item in-person, by phone (828-5413) or email ( Please see our circulation policy for more information.

Community Computer Use Policy

Community computer users must comply with Bridgewater College’s Computer Use and File Sharing Policy.

  • Patrons should be considerate of their use of shared resources.
  • Use of the library computers must comply with local, state, and federal laws.
  • Copyright materials may only be used with the prior approval by the holder.
  • Library computers must not be used to access other people’s files without permission, in attempt to circumvent or subvert system security measures, or any other activity that may be harmful to computers or information stored on them.
  • Library computers may not be used to harass, intimidate or annoy other persons.
  • Library computers may not be used to create or maintain personal webpages containing pornography or abusive and/or profane language.
  • Library computers may not be used to access or view pornographic material.

You can access the complete Computer Use and File Sharing Policy at