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Bestsellers Titles: August

Month Bestsellers Items

Silver Nitrate

A fabulous meld of Mexican horror movies and Nazi occultism: a dark thriller about the curse that haunts a legendary lost film--and awakens one woman's hidden powers.

All the Sinners Bleed

A Black sheriff. A serial killer. A small town ready to combust.


Los Angeles, 1946: It's been two years since Aki Ito and her family were released from Manzanar detention center and allowed to return home to California-but nothing is as they left it.


Over a summer in sun-drenched Greece, four incompatible women digging into the past may just find the answers to their futures.


The nine pieces offer insight on Stevie Wonder, the Spice Girls,Pen15, and New Girl--among many other pop artifacts, of course--which might as well be parlance for, 'Read me immediately.'"


A surreal novel about a woman in Silicon Valley who must decide how much she's willing to give up for success

Banyan Moon

A sweeping, evocative debut novel following three generations of Vietnamese American women reeling from the death of their matriarch, revealing the family's inherited burdens, buried secrets, and unlikely love stories.

Lucky Red

Set in the American West about a scrappy orphan bent on making her own luck--and finding friendship, romance, and her true calling along the way

Love, Theoretically

Rival physicists collide in a vortex of academic feuds and fake dating shenanigans in this delightfully STEMinist romcom.

Girlfriend on Mars

An exploration of humanity's deepest longing, greatest quest, and most enduring cliché: love.

The Vaster Wilds

About one spirited girl alone in the wilderness, trying to survive

California Golden

Two sisters navigate the thrilling, euphoric early days of California surf culture in this dazzling saga of ambition, sacrifice, and the tangled ties between mothers and daughters.