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Bestsellers Titles: May

May Bestsellers Items

The Three of Us

Long-standing tensions between a husband, his wife, and her best friend finally come to a breaking point in this sharp domestic comedy of manners, told brilliantly over the course of one day.

The Ferryman

"Next to impossible to put down . . . exciting, mysterious, and totally satisfying."--STEPHEN KING


The Memoir

The Making of Yolanda la Bruja

Suspenseful...A boldly characterized protagonist whose intersectional identities as a queer and Deaf person of color informs her sharp-witted narrative voice and conviction around combatting racism within her community."

Hungry Ghost

This beautiful and heart-wrenching young adult graphic novel takes a look at eating disorders, family dynamics, and, ultimately, a journey to self-love.

In the Lives of Puppets

TJ Klune invites you deep into the heart of a peculiar forest and on the extraordinary journey of a family assembled from spare parts.

Swamp Story

Dave Barry returns with a Florida caper full of oddballs and more twists and turns than a snake slithering away from a gator.

City of Dreams

On the losing side of a bloody East Coast crime war, Danny Ryan is now on the run. The Mafia, the cops, the FBI all want him dead or in prison.

My Nest of Silence

"Evocative prose and illustrations bring to life...[the] heart-wrenching decisions and considerations that Japanese Americans had to face...[and] their endurance, sacrifices, and resilience, even as their loyalty was questioned without cause." --Susan H. Kamei,

DUNE: the Graphic Novel, Book 2: Muad'Dib

In DUNE: The Graphic Novel, Book 2: Muad'Dib, the second of three volumes adapting Frank Herbert's Dune, young Paul Atreides and his mother, the lady Jessica, find themselves stranded in the deep desert of Arrakis.

City of Nightmares

Gotham meets Strange the Dreamer in this thrilling young adult fantasy about a cowardly girl who finds herself at the center of a criminal syndicate conspiracy, in a city where crooked politicians and sinister cults reign and dreaming means waking up as your worst nightmare.


New voices present relevant, topical visions of social change and personal histories, some true-to-life while others are semi-fictionalized accounts of real experiences.

She Is a Haunting

This house eats and is eaten . . .

Nayra and the Djinn

In this coming-of-age graphic novel with a fantastical twist, Nayra Mansour, a Muslim American girl, is helped on her journey to selfhood by a djinn.

Imogen, Obviously

Imogen Scott may be hopelessly heterosexual, but she's got the World's Greatest Ally title locked down.

Other Ever Afters

Once upon a time . . . happily ever after turned out differently than expected.

Voices of Water

Under a persistent rain, which seems destined to never subside, Stavros lives and moves through the streets of dark and gloomy nameless city.