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Bestsellers Titles: April

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This debut follows two siblings-turned-roommates navigating an absurd world on the verge of calamity--a Seinfeldian novel of existentialism and sisterhood.

The Mars House

A queer sci-fi novel about a marriage of convenience between a Mars politician and an Earth refugee.

City in Ruins

The explosive, impossible to put down conclusion to Don Winslow's epic, genre-defining crime trilogy and the final book of Winslow's extraordinary career.

The Last Bloodcarver

Nhika is a bloodcarver. A coldhearted, ruthless being who can alter human biology with just a touch. Nhika is seen not as a healer, but a monster that kills for pleasure. And in the city's criminal underbelly, the rarest of monsters are traded for gold.


This suspenseful queer YA romance reimagines the tale of Icarus as a star-crossed love story between a young art thief and the son of the man he's been stealing from.

What Happened to Nina?

A novel of suspense about two families at war. Nina and Simon are the perfect couple. Until they leave for a weekend and only Simon comes home.

Glorious Exploits

An unforgettable ode to the power of art in a time of war, brotherhood in a time of enmity, and human will throughout the ages.


A chilling and unforgettable story of a close-knit Jewish family in London pushed to the brink when they suspect their daughter is a witch.

Annie Bot

A powerful, provocative novel about the relationship between a female robot and her human owner, exploring questions of intimacy, power, autonomy, and control.

The House of Hidden Meanings

From international drag superstar and pop culture icon RuPaul, comes his most revealing and personal work to date.

The Hunter

It's a blazing summer when two men arrive in a small village in the West of Ireland. One of them is coming home. Both of them are coming to get rich.


A Follow up to 2034, speculative fiction set twenty years further in the future, at a moment when a radical leap forward in artificial intelligence combines with America's violent partisan divide to create an existential threat to the country, and the world. .