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Bestsellers Titles: March

Month Bestsellers Items

Grief Is for People

Disarmingly witty and poignant, Sloane Crosley's memoir explores multiple kinds of loss following the death of her closest friend. How do we live without the ones we love?


From a writer of singular voice and vision, a mesmerizing epic that reimagines the past to explore the true nature of freedom.

The Great Divide

A powerful novel about the construction of the Panama Canal, casting light on the unsung people who lived, loved, and labored there.

All Our Yesterdays

Set ten years before the events of Shakespeare's historic play, about the ambition, power, and fate that define one of literature's most notorious figures: Lady Macbeth.

Medgar and Myrlie

Evers, with Myrlie as his partner in activism and in life, was doing civil rights work in the single most hostile and dangerous environment in America.

The Kamogawa Food Detectives

A bestseller in Japan, The Kamogawa Food Detectives is a celebration of good company and the power of a delicious meal.

The New Couple In 5B

A couple inherits an apartment with a spine-tingling past in the newest thriller from Lisa Unger.

The Woman in Me

In Britney Spears's memoir, she's stronger than ever.

The Warm Hands of Ghosts

In WWI, a combat nurse searches for her brother, believed dead in the trenches despite eerie signs that suggest otherwise.

Dead Things Are Closer Than They Appear

A painfully average teen's life is upended by a magical apocalypse in this darkly atmospheric and sweepingly romantic novel.