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Bestsellers Titles: August

August Bestsellers Items

Swerve or Die

Stock-car racing star, country singer, and sports broadcaster Kyle Petty shares his familial legacy, intertwined with NASCAR's founding and history.

All This Could Be Different

"Dazzling and wholly original...[written] with such mordant wit, insight, and specificity, it feels like watching a new literary star being born in real time." -Entertainment Weekly

The Island

"Unrelenting suspense."--Stephen King

The Art of Prophecy

A "superb fantasy saga" of martial arts and magic, about what happens when a prophesied hero is not the chosen one after all-but has to work with a band of unlikely allies to save the kingdom anyway.

Mademoiselle Revolution

A powerful, engrossing story of a biracial heiress who escapes to Paris when the Haitian Revolution burns across her island home.

Dangerous Rhythms

The epic, scintillating narrative of the interconnected worlds of jazz and organized crime in 20th century America. "A brilliant and courageous book." --Dr. Cornel West

Stories from the Tenants Downstairs

Set in a Harlem high rise, a stunning debut about a tight-knit cast of characters grappling with their own personal challenges while the forces of gentrification threaten to upend life as they know it.

The Spear Cuts Through Water

Two warriors shepherd an ancient god across a broken land to end the tyrannical reign of a royal family in this new epic fantasy from the author of The Vanished Birds.

What's Coming to Me

Seventeen-year-old Minerva Gutierrez plans revenge on her predatory boss in this equally poignant and thrilling contemporary YA about grief, anger, and fighting for what you deserve.

Long Live the Pumpkin Queen

Sally Skellington is the official, newly-minted Pumpkin Queen after a whirlwind courtship with her true love, Jack, who Sally adores with every inch of her fabric seams-- if only she could say the same for her new role as Queen of Halloween Town.

Beasts of Ruin

In this much anticipated follow up to New York Times bestselling Beasts of Prey, Koffi's powers grow stronger and Ekon's secrets turn darker as they face the god of death.

How to Fall Out of Love Madly

Three relatable thirty somethings drive this ode to womanhood. Learning the hard way to love themselves, the women teach invaluable lessons.