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For Faculty

Streaming Films are available through the following four services:

For more information on each of these services, see the boxes below. If you already know what title you would like to use in your class, email Taylor at to see if the title is available for streaming. 

Questions about digital integrations of streaming videos can be directed to Taylor at

Want to see what the library already has access to? Visit our Streaming Video homepage.

Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus

If you're looking for a popular contemporary film, Swank is your best bet. It includes over 30,000 videos including films and TV show episodes. To request a title, you will need to create an Instructor account using the following directions:

  1. Open Swank Digital Campus using this link:
  2. When you enter, you will select the role "Instructor" and will need to input your first and last name, department, and email address.
  3. Search for a title in the search box in the top-right of the screen
  4. Select the title that you're interested in from the search results and select "Request"
  5. You will then need to select a date by which you need the film to be available, the course code, and the academic use of the film  

Titles are generally available within 72 hours of the request.

When you are ready to input the link to the page, you can do so by logging into your Instructor account, selecting the title, and hitting Share. There are two share options: "Copy Direct Link," which will copy the link itself, and "Copy LMS Link," which will copy the link code to display "Watch [Movie Title]" when input into a Canvas page's HTML Editor.

For more in-depth information about linking to Swank videos through Canvas, click here.

With any questions about Swank Digital Campus, email Taylor at



Kanopy includes over 5,000 films that can be requested for our library. To view the subjects of the films that are available, visit this link: or search directly for the title that you're interested in. When searching for a title, your results will say that there are no results that match your search (because it is searching through the collection of titles that we already have), but below that, there will be a list of titles that match your search and can be requested for purchase by the library.

To request a purchase from Kanopy:

  1. Search for the title you're interested in and select it from the list of "videos you can request for your library"
  2. Input the following information in the form as requested: full name, email address, course number, role within course, and the academic use of the film
  3. Select "Request Access"

Once the film you have requested is available, you can embed or share the link to your Canvas page (embedding is allowed for Kanopy resources because of the "encrypted-media" code). To embed, open the HTML editor and input the embed code. If you have any questions about this, email Taylor at

For more information on embedding a video into Canvas through Kanopy, click here.

Note: Within Kanopy, students are able to suggest purchases for titles. If this happens, a member of the library will reach out to the course instructor to ensure that the film is being used for a course.

Films on Demand

Films on Demand

Films on Demand is developed by Infobase and includes over 300,000 segments of films and over 40,000 full-length films. These films are more educational documentaries than the other services that are available above. Many titles also include educator's guides. These guides are designed to help the educator integrate the content into the course, and are generally of high quality.

There is no request process through Films on Demand as there is in Kanopy or Swank, as all films and film segments are immediately available.

When you've selected a title through Films on Demand to include in your class, you can simply hit the "Share" button to access the embed/link options. As with Kanopy, embedding is okay, as the embedding information is given to you by the provider. Once you have the embed code, you can input that in the Canvas course shell through HTML Editor, or you can just include the link.

For more information on embedding a video through Films on Demand, click here.

If you have any questions about embedding a video into Canvas, email Taylor at

Alexander Street Press (from ProQuest)

Alexander Street Press

The above link for the database will bring you to a page where you can search what is potentially available from Alexander Street Press, as we do not have access to the whole platform. Please note that while a title might be included on this list, we may still not be available through this database. All titles purchased through Alexander Street Press are done on an individual basis. 

To see if something is available through Alexander Street Video, you will need to request the title by emailing