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For Faculty

Liaison Program

The Library Liaison Program was established to foster an ongoing dialogue between the BC librarians and Bridgewater College’s larger academic community. 

Within the program, liaisons will serve as contacts for each department to share information about the library and department specific resources, but more importantly, they will collaborate with each department to ensure department needs are addressed. 

Through the program both the library and academic department will work together to strengthen the library collection and support the teaching and research needs of each department. Ultimately the program will foster a depth of relevant resources for all library users.

Liaison Directory

List of Librarian Liaisons for each department
Department Liaison Extension Email
Art Vickie Montigaud-Green x5672
Biology Roberta Lowe x5740
Chemistry Taylor Baugher x5415
Communication Studies Taylor Baugher x5415
Economics & Business Andrew Pearson x5410
English Taylor Baugher x5415
Health & Human Sciences Taylor Baugher x5415
History & Political Science Vickie Montigaud-Green x5672
Math & Computer Science Roberta Lowe x5740
Music Vickie Montigaud-Green x5672
Philosophy & Religion Vickie Montigaud-Green x5672
Physics Roberta Lowe x5740
Psychology Taylor Baugher x5415
Sociology Roberta Lowe x5740
Teacher Education Program Taylor Baugher x5415
World Languages & Cultures Vickie Montigaud-Green x5672