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For Faculty


This guide has gathered together examples and best practices to assist faculty in tailoring research assignment for first year students, along with strategies for incorporating the library, its resources, and research specialists into the assignment. 

Please feel free to contact the library if you have any questions about developing a research based assignment, or would like a librarian to visit your class.

Freshmen Students Thoughts on College Level Research

Library Integration

Librarians can assist with introducing the concept of researching to your students, and can help guide your student to appropriate resources. The Learning and Research Services department of the library has a variety of levels of instruction, depending on your need

  • Librarians can offer a full in-class instruction session, where they outline the resources and strategies needed for your assignment. There can be a single visit or multiple visits during the semester.
  • Librarians can visit your class with mini instruction sessions. These are 10-15 minute presentations that cover one or two important concepts. These also can be a single visit or multiple visits during the semester.
  • Librarians can create online guides based on your assignment. These gather lists of relevant library resources and library tutorials that students can review as needed.

Useful Library Resources

The following resources are often used in 100 level courses, and contain material from scholarly and popular sources. These databases provide material at a level suitable for students just learning how to research.