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ART 300W Modern and Postmodern Art Class Guide

So you've found a web source for your research project or paper, but how do you know if it is a credible source and if you are able to use it for your assignment?

Think about these things as you look at the sources that you've found:


This one may seem self-explanatory, but don't just select an article because it talks about your artist. Make sure that the article you have selected can help you get to the essential question of your research assignment:

How does this artist fit into the big picture of the visual art we have called Modern, Postmodern, Late Modern, or Contemporary?


  1. What is the publication?
    1. If it is one of those found on the "Suggested Websites and Publications" or "Discovery and Library Databases" pages, you have a reputable source.
    2. If not, look into the publication's source. Here is a recommended technique for the evaluation of a publication:


  1. Who provided the information? Are you able to identify a particular author of the article? If not, you might want to try finding another article to support your work. 
  2. Once you've identified the author, look them up.
    1. Are they an expert in the field (i.e., an art historian or museum curator),
    2. or a writer from a popular publication who specializes in arts and culture research?