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ART 300W Modern and Postmodern Art Class Guide

Why Use Discovery?

The library's catalog, Discovery, is a good place to search for articles for this class, because the results that will appear will be high-quality commentary on your artist and their works.

For this class, I recommend simply searching for your artist's name in quotation marks to bring up all of the articles that include your artist's name. I also recommend expanding your search beyond the holdings of the library, by selecting "Virginia Academic Libraries" under the Held By Library limiter. Simply place an Interlibrary Loan request to access these articles and books.

As an example, if I search Discovery for ["Kehinde Wiley"], I return 50 articles and 4 books that mention him and his works. As he is incredibly prolific and a highly celebrated artist, this is more than the average number of sources. 

When I expand my search to Virginia Academic Libraries, I find there are many more articles and books available through our partner libraries.


Try to do a search for the title and author of the book you're interested in. If the title has multiple words, put it in "quotation marks" to ensure those words appear together in your search results. So, search for ["Long Way Down"] instead of [Long Way Down].

Use the search box below to search through Discovery:

Recommended Databases

Just as above, I recommend searching for your artist in quotation marks in the below databases: