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Getting the Band Back Together: Home

A Special Collections Exhibit Celebrating Bridgewater College Marching Bands

Strike up the Band!

Music programs are a vital part of college life and culture. This is especially true here at Bridgewater College. Bridgewater College’s first band was likely a small string band formed in 1904. Since then, The College has boasted numerous bands, including concert, stage, pep, dance, symphonic, jazz, and our exhibit’s focus-the marching band!

As the brand-new Screamin’ Eagles Marching Band debuts in the fall of 2021, we look back to the forerunners who started it all: the original Bridgewater College marching band. Join Bridgewater College Special Collections as we present the older band’s rich and vibrant history and explore its connections to the new Screamin’ Eagles.

Ripples 1970-71 Color Band Photo

The marching band performs during a football game in 1970.

BC Bee Oct 15 1954 Marching Band Article

Article from The B.C. Bee from October 15, 1954 showing the marching band making its first appearance under the new direction of Roger E. Cole.

Ripples 1966-67 Photo

The marching band forming a “B” during half-time at a game in 1966.

Photograph of the BC Marching Band playing at the 50-yard line_undated

The marching band forms a question mark on the field at the 1956 Homecoming game.

Ripples 1952-53 Marching Band Photo

The marching band in 1952.

BC Bee Nov 18 1966 Veterans Day Parade pg 6

Article from The B.C. Bee from November 18, 1966 on the marching band’s first place award at the 1966 Harrisonburg Veterans’ Day Parade.

1968 Marching Band Photo 3

The BC Marching Band in 1968.

1968 Marching Band Photograph 2

The BC Marching Band in 1968.

Bridgewater College Marching Band shown on the sideline at a football game_undated

The marching band on the sidelines of a football game, possibly in 1968.

Dan Legge photograph of BC Marching Band majorettes_circe 1968

The marching band majorettes performing on the field alongside the shield-bearers in 1968.

BC Bee Feb 11 1944 Band Scan

Article from The B.C. Bee on the first time the college band performed at a game in 1944.

Exhibit Credits

Exhibit curated by: 

Meghann L. Burgess, Class of 2023 

Stephanie S. Gardner, Special Collections Librarian 


Thanks to: 

Taylor Baugher, Learning Services Librarian, Exhibit Web Developer 

Matthew Cosner, Photographer 

Dr. Christine E. Carrillo, Associate Professor of Music/ Music Department Chair 

Barry Flowe, Instructor of Music/ Director of Athletic Bands 

Martha Ray, Graphic Designer