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BIOL 350 & 312 Ecology and Wildlife Ecology & Management Class Guide

What are Cited References?

One useful strategy when researching is to look at the reference page or bibliography of an academic article. This standard part of a scholarly article is a treasure trove of research potential. These sources have been cited by the article's author and were important to his argument. These cited references give you a ready-made list of articles, books, and other materials that should be related to your topic, and could be useful additional sources for your project. Below is an example of a reference list.

Example of cited reference from an article

How to utilize cited reference searching

  1. Identify the cited references from an article relevant to your topic (look for the reference page, works cited page, bibliography or footnotes)
  2. Browse through the references and choose the ones that look relevant to your topic.
  3. Search for the item title in Discovery
  4. Follow the links to the full text in our collection or if it is not available, request the full text through interlibrary loan

Video Tutorial - Cited Reference