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ENG 350 Young Adult Literature Class Guide

Make Sure You Choose the Right Database

Our library has access to over 100 databases that cover many different subjects. Some of those databases are subject-specific, meaning that they only contain information related to literature or biology. Others are more general resources that cover multiple disciplines.

Choosing the right databases means that you will find relevant resources and not waste your time, for example, searching for biology information in a literature database.

Our Databases A-Z page allows you to filter by subject and each database has an annotation that describes its contents. For this class, you will want to use the "Literature and Drama" subject. If you are still not sure which database to use, you can explore our research guides and tutorials which list the relevant databases for many courses or disciplines.

A note about database use for this class: Because these titles tend to be newer and are written for younger audiences, they will be less likely to cover the books you will be exploring. You can use them to find scholarly discussions of themes that are in your text, but you might not be able to find articles directly about the book you're exploring.

Recommended Databases

Literature/English Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases