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FILA 150 After the Scourge Class Guide

Current Event Information

As a brief overview to coronavirus in this area, nationally, and worldwide, feel free to review these curated websites about the topic:

Bridgewater College Coronavirus Webpage
This page provides all relevant information regarding the College's reaction to the coronavirus. For more information on BC Eagles returning to campus, please click here.

Town of Bridgewater COVID-19 Alert
The town of Bridgewater created a two-page document that includes information about coronavirus and the precautions that they are taking to prevent the spread. It also provides a good snapshot of what precautions it asks of its residents.

Virginia Department of Health's COVID-19 Information Page
Here, you will be able to access information about coronavirus in the state of Virginia. If you're looking for quick information, visit the COVID-19 dashboard. If you're worried that you may have some symptoms, visit the COVIDCHECK page, you are able to get information about symptoms and testing.

CDC's Coronavirus Page
This site provides all relevant information about the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. You can find information on how COVID-19 spreadshow to protect yourself and others from COVID, traveling during the pandemic, and so much more.

Johns Hopkins' Coronavirus Resource Center
As one of the leading research facilities on coronavirus in the United States, Johns Hopkins has put together a map that demonstrates by county: the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, coronavirus deaths, and fatality rate. Data is pulled once per day to ensure accurate information by county.
A pared-down, easy-to-understand site, is developed by the CDC, the White House, and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to help individuals get the basics of coronavirus in the United States. If you're looking for quick information, check here.

WHO Coronavirus Page
The World Health Organization (WHO) provides information about the coronavirus pandemic worldwide. It provides advice for the public, country-level guidance, information on global research and development regarding COVID-19, and much more.

United Nations COVID-19 Response
The UN here provides a wealth of information about their policies and initiatives in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. It also includes a guide to working together worldwide in order to recover more effectively.

Our World in Data
Developed by Oxford University, Our World in Data aims to aggregate and analyze large worldwide datasets to get a better understanding of policy differences across different regions of the world. Their coronavirus page includes information on how different countries have reacted to the pandemic through their policies, including stay-at-home orders, public information campaigns, school closures, and more.

Finding Current Events Articles

Below is a list of library databases that contain access to newspapers and other current events publications, like weekly magazines. This is the ideal place to start for news information, as the library's databases are curated to collect correct information. Searching through Google can yield articles from less reputable sources.

Advanced Google Search

Should you like to find resources through Google for current events, I recommend checking out our Advanced Google Search page. It will help you to find the exact right resources for your assignment by showing you how to limit your searching more effectively. By searching this way, you will become a much more powerful user of Google.

An example of the way that you might use the Advanced Google Search for this class would be to search for information about the coronavirus only on the CDC website with a search such as [coronavirus]: