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Library Research Award

The Library Research Award recognizes undergraduate students who demonstrate excellence and creativity in the completion of a research assignment that employs the use of library and information resources.

  • First Prize: $250 for the student, $50 for the faculty who developed the assignment
  • Second Prize: $150 for the student, $50 for the faculty who developed the assignment
  • All awarded titles will be uploaded to the library's Digital Commons

Ready to apply? Complete the application here.

*Submissions will be accepted now until January 13*


  • Undergraduates enrolled in a degree program in any discipline at Bridgewater College who have completed a one-semester scholarly paper or creative project for which library research is a substantial component.
    • Students who graduated in May 2022 may submit their work from Spring 2022
  • Only assignments completed as part of Spring 2022 or Fall 2022 coursework are eligible
    • Submissions may come in the form of written assignments, infographics, musical compositions, and more—as long as library research was conducted as part of the assignment creation
    • Works co-written with faculty are not eligible
    • Papers or projects completed as part of a summer research fellowship are not eligible
  • Individual and group projects are eligible
    • Awards for group projects are split between each group member

Application Process

Submissions must include the following documents:

  1. Completed research project in Word or PDF format (without any edits since the submission for coursework)
    1. A bibliography of sources used in your paper or project
  2. 300-500 word reflective essay that touches on:
    1. your research strategies,
    2. how you used library resources and services to complete your paper or project,
    3. and how your research enhanced your growth as a scholar
  3. Signed recommendation form from the faculty member who assigned the research paper or project
    1. Download the recommendation form here

Ready to apply? Complete the application here.

*Submissions will be accepted now until January 13*

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated on three criteria: 

  1. The originality, depth, breadth, or sophistication in your use of information sources in the research project
  2. The ability to select, evaluate, and synthesize library resources and use them successfully in your paper or project
  3. Evidence of growth as a scholar/development of research skills.

The Judging Committee will include a librarian, the CEL Director of Student Research, and one faculty volunteer from each school.