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EDUC 406 Curriculum & Instruction Class Guide

Welcome to the EDUC 406: Curriculum & Instruction research guide! This page will help you identify peer-reviewed journal articles for your Teaching Experience research inquiry (TE1).

This page will help you:

What is a Peer-Reviewed Journal Article?

Your assignment requires that you find two peer-reviewed journal articles, published within the last 10-15 years. What is the difference between a peer-reviewed journal article and a popular source?

A peer-reviewed article:

  • Is generally written by faculty members, medical doctors, and scholars for the purpose of scholarship
  • Uses technical language that is not intended to be understood by the general populace, but rather an expert in the field in which it is published
  • Goes through the strenuous peer review process:

A popular source:

  • Is ordinarily written by a professional journalist or writer, and is intended to be read by a general populace (rather than experts in the field)
  • Written in easily understood language and covers broader topics
  • Are not evaluated by experts in the field
  • Lack a list of resources that were referenced by the author during the writing process