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ART 202 Non Western Graphic Design Class Guide

Welcome! This guide is intended to introduce you to the research that you will need to complete for your ART 202: Non-Western Graphic Design projects. This research centers around design in the following cultures:

Getting Started

For this assignment, you will need to consult a wide variety of sources, including books, articles, and experts within the field. To do this, you will want to use the library's catalog to discover books and the library's databases to discover high-quality articles. 

To get started, trying searching for your topic here:

Decentering Whiteness in Design History Resources

Another great place to start is with this hyper-doc, which focuses on Decentering Whiteness in Design History. This resource was put together by a collection of graphic design instructors with the intention of pulling together a host of resources that focus on non-Western graphic design.

You are able to search the hyper-doc using the hashtags that indicate different regions/nations of study. Helpful hashtags include:

  • #Asia
  • #China
  • #India
  • #Japan
  • #Korea 
  • #LatinAmerica

Please note: this hyper-doc still contains many resources that are about American graphic designers, so look into the origin of the resource before moving forward.