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Library Services Survey 2021

Results from the library's AY 2020-21 survey

Survey Method and Questions

The survey was anonymous, but a couple of questions were required to help with analysis:

  • status with the college (faculty, student, staff), and
  • whether the respondent was in-person or remote.

The survey was constructed of five questions:

  • Four questions dealt with different aspects of the library: library collections, library services, the facility, and the atmosphere. These questions were each two-part. Respondents were asked to indicate what aspects of the library collections (etc.) they used and were then given an open response textbox to provide feedback.
  • A final question asked respondents to let us know what we're doing right and what we're missing.

All survey questions were optional.

Your Comments

Positive Comments:

  • A majority of commenters mentioned the diverse content/good collection
    • “Very good with a wide variety of material. I have not been let down.”
  • A couple of respondents mentioned the collections are easy to use
  • Several mentioned their appreciation of the remote access to the collections
    • “Efforts made to allow students to do research even if remote is remarkable.”
  • Nods to specific collections include children’s books, DVDs, and streaming films

Constructive Comments:

  • Some respondents mentioned difficulty navigating the databases through our A-Z list
  • There were several requests for signage about what databases are available (especially the NY Times) and where books are located in the building

Positive Comments:

  • The majority of people commented that they were happy about all Library Services
  • Overwhelmingly, respondents mentioned how much they appreciate Vickie and the Interlibrary Loan service
    • “The Interlibrary Loan service has been very helpful to me!! Great communication and promptness.”
  • Several people commented that they find the Library's chat service very helpful
  • Research support/consultations were mentioned by quite a few commenters
    • “I love Taylor and Vickie, knowledgeable and helpful!”
  • One individual mentioned that they really enjoyed the library's Digital Commons website
  • Streaming videos were mentioned several times as a helpful service, especially during remote learning

Constructive Comments:

  • There were a couple of comments that reflected respondents didn't know what services were available through Library Services, and they would like to know more

Positive Comments:

  • Many commented that they loved the building
    • “I love all of the things in the Learning Commons, I feel it is by far one of the best spaces on campus.”
  • Students overwhelmingly love the study rooms—they were the most mentioned spaces in the building
  • One person said they found the furniture comfortable

Constructive Comments:

  • The group study rooms are far too loud, and students request that they be soundproof or that there be a designated quiet floor
  • Some students requested a re-evaluation of the study room reservation process
  • Quite a few students mentioned that we should have another/better printer available
  • There was one request to open the café door for accessibility reasons

Positive Comments:

  • Many describe the space as comfortable to stay in for long periods and believe that it is conducive to productive studying
    • “It really invites you to want to work more.”
  • Smitty’s is a favorite addition to the library
  • “The three main words that come to mind when I think of the FLC are: modern, friendly, and fun.”

Constructive Comments:

  • More comments were made about the need for designated quiet spaces
  • Many respondents mentioned that the building can be uncomfortably hot, especially upstairs
  • One respondent mentioned that they didn't feel comfortable approaching the student workers at the Circulation Desk

What are we getting right?

  • Many respondents commented that all aspects of Library Services are great and that library staff are incredibly helpful
    • “Very happy to have so many great people working there—from Andrew to Vickie to Angela to Stephanie to Carin to Morgan to Taylor…just so thankful for such a supportive group.”
  • Several commenters mentioned their appreciation that we have supported them during remote learning
  • A couple of unique things that were mentioned positively: Smitty’s, streaming videos, and the whiteboard word game

What are we missing?

  • Respondents would really like to see longer hours (unfortunately, this is not doable)
  • Students would like to have snacks available while they study to help motivate them
  • Requests were made to reinstate traditional print reserves to support students who are lower-income
  • Clear information is needed about what services are actually available
  • “Discovery is terrible”
  • Commenters requested more programming and events for students and faculty
  • There was one request for more wipes available to wipe down surfaces before and after use

Action Points

These action points have been developed to address your needs based on the constructive comments that you have given us. They fall into four main categories for change: website, marketing/advertising, the physical space of the FLC, and the staff/services.


  • Make the A-Z database list more usable
  • Evaluate the LibCal room reservation process to make it more effective
  • Examine the library's catalog, Discovery, to see how we can make it work better for you


  • Create pamphlets that detail all services available to our campus community
  • Make a kiosk available that helps you navigate the FLC services and search for a book in our catalog
  • Design bookmarks that indicate shelf locations 
  • Create a virtual library tour that is aimed at students, rather than outward-facing

Physical Space:

  • Designate a quiet space, likely the bottom floor of the Forrer Learning Commons
  • Evaluate heating and cooling in the building to see if there are any solutions that make all spaces comfortable throughout the day
  • Review the printing in the building, in conjunction with the IT department
  • Make printed maps of the space available
  • Open the cafe door for accessibility reasons


  • Review the student worker training procedure
  • Expand e-textbook and e-reserve program to support lower-income students
  • Bring back traditional print reserves
  • Host more events in the FLC, both workshop educational-style events and recreational events

Suggestion Box

Is there an action point that you think we're missing? Let us know anonymously by submitting it through our suggestion box: