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Did you know that Google has advanced search tools? For example, if you’re searching for the US government’s opinion on climate change, you can search [ “climate change”]. This means that you will only get results that come from domains ending in .gov. For more advanced search tools available through Google, click here

January Browsing Items

Looking for a new book to read? Try out a book from the library's browsing collection. Below are the most recent titles—all are clickable so you can find more information about the books. If you'd like to see all browsing titles, click here

If there's an upcoming title that you'd like us to explore adding to our collection, let us know. Fill out our Request a Browsing Title form and we'll look into adding the item to our Browsing Collection when it's released. Have a question about the collection? Ask Morgan at

Streaming Videos from BC

Here at Bridgewater, the following films scheduled for classes are also available for your use free of charge! Is there a movie you have to watch for class? Let us know and we can see if it's available to purchase for the campus. Just email Taylor at with the title of the film, instructor's name, and course code.