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There's Work Left to Be Done

(2021- )

Recommended Reading

There's much more to explore in terms of Virginia's Constitutions and Civil Rights. 

We've provided further reading suggestions in the boxes below. Each item links to our main catalog. The catalog will provide information about the book and its access (call numbers). Note, the selections range in format between printed books, ebooks, and special collection books. In the catalog, if the call number is within Special Collections, you'll need to contact Stephanie Gardner ( to make an appointment to view it.  All ebooks are BC access; use your BC login to gain access. Printed books can be checked out; or, we will mail them to our BC patrons. 

To our community patrons at-large, we are willing to provide interlibrary loans at no cost.  Ask at your local academic or public library; we will gladly work with them to get you the items you need.

If you have reading suggestions concerning Civil Rights, government and the Virginia experience, please share with Vickie (

Let's keep reading and keep the conversation going.

Introduction to the Virginia Constitution (to 1776)

Pre-Civil War Era in Virginia (1777-1859)

Post-Civil War Era in Virginia (1866-1901)

Virginia Constitution of 1902 and Jim Crow Laws

The Supreme Court and the Virginia Reaction (1950-1970)

The Times They Are a-Changin' in Virginia (1950-1970): Civil Rights Protests

The 1971 Virginia Constitution and continued Racial Injustice

There's Work Left To Be Done