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About the Forrer Learning Commons

About Library Services' Recycling Programs

Library Services uses TerraCycle's collection programs to recycle a variety of products which cannot be municipally recycled. Our TerraCycle programs are free to the college, and some of them allow us to earn points we redeem to support our k-cup recycling program.  See FLC Recycling Categories below for a full list of our TerraCycle recycling programs!

We also recycle K-cups through Keurig's K-Cycle program.  This program accepts K-cups only, and does not accept other coffee related materials like creamer cups or disposable coffee cups. Due to the organic nature of K-cups, small, frequent deliveries are preferable over large, less frequent deliveries (K-cups can become moldy).

FLC recycling services are available Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm in office 206, opposite the staircase on the second floor. Stop by and drop off your recyclables in our marked boxes!


FLC Recycling Categories

Sponsored by BIC, this program accepts

  • empty writing instruments
  •  glue sticks
  • watercolor dispensers
  • paint sets
  • flexible packaging from the above materials

Please do not include correction materials (including Wite-Out® Brand) and free ink markers.  Ensure all containers are empty of product.


Sponsored by Colgate, this program accepts ALL BRANDS of

  • toothpaste tubes and caps
  • toothbrushes
  • toothpaste cartons
  • toothbrush outer packaging
  • floss containers. 

Please do not include electric toothbrushes, battery toothbrushes, and/or their parts.  


Sponsored by Brita®, this program accepts

  • Brita® filters 
  • Brita® pitchers
  • Brita® dispensers
  • Brita® bottles
  • Brita® faucet systems
  • Brita® packaging

This program ONLY accepts products and packaging produced by Brita®.  It does not accept water filtration products from other manufacturers. 

Please allow wet filters to dry before delivering.

Sponsored by Gillette®, this program accepts

  • All brands of blades and razors (systems and disposable units, and replaceable-blade cartridge units)
  • Rigid plastic packaging
  • Flexible plastic bag packagingThumbnail for Gillette® Razor Local Recycling Solutions

Please note: Only non-electric blades, razors, and plastic packaging are accepted.

Off Campus Community Resources

Remember to follow all requirements for these recycling locations, including residency restrictions, cleaning requirements, and accepted materials limitations. Wish-cycling contaminates recycling streams, turning batches of recyclable materials into waste, and discouraging municipalities from continuing their recycling programs.

Most municipalities only accept transparent #1 plastic 

Alumni, Distance Learners and Updates

Are you alumni or studying remotely?  You are welcome to save any materials listed in our FLC Recycling program to drop off when you visit campus!  Or, you can make a Terracycle account and pick your own material types to recycle at home by visiting  Because K-cups tend to mold, please don't save them to drop off during campus visits.  However, you can purchase your own K-cup recycling bins at  You can also eliminate K-cup waste at the source by switching to reusable K-cups or transitioning to a French press or pour-over coffee brewing system.


Do you know about additional local recycling resources that aren't listed in our Community Resources section, or have some of our Community Resources ceased?  Please let Sylvia know so she can keep our resources list up to date!