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Alexander Mack Library: Learning Services

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Online Instruction

If you cannot schedule a formal instruction session, the library has created a number of guides and tutorials that can assist researchers.

Library Instruction at the Mack

Alexander Mack Library provides a variety of instructional services: from individual research assistance at the research assistance desk, to general orientations and customized sessions for specific classes. Our goal is to provide every student the skills and opportunity to become information literate.

Information literate students are those who have learned how to learn. They understand how knowledge is organized, have found the best ways to locate appropriate information, and have practiced how to use information in such a way that others can learn from their research. They are prepared for lifelong learning because they can always find the best information for any task or decision at hand.

In addition to offering in class instruction the library also creates customized online course guides available to students 24/7. 


Faculty are asked to attend the sessions along with their students, so that they can help reinforce the concepts and tie the instruction to a particular assignment or activity going on in the class.

Instruction Session Topics

The following table gives examples of the possible topics available for library instruction session, along with the approximate time needed to cover them. the actual content of each topic will be tailored to the specific class and its goals. The level values are just suggestions; each topic can be modified to apply to any course level.

Table of topics for library instruction
Topic Duration Level
ALEX Discovery Introduction 10 minutes Basic
ALEX Discovery Advanced Search 15 minutes Advanced
Choosing an Information Source 20 minutes Basic
Databases Searching Basics 20 minutes Basic
Database Searching Advanced 25 minutes Advanced
Developing Keywords 30 minutes Advanced
Evaluating Sources 30 minutes Basic
Google Scholar 20 minutes Basic
Identifying Bias 20 minutes Advanced
The Information Cycle 30 minutes Basic
Library introduction (building and website) 30 minutes Basic
Locating Full Text 20 minutes Basic
Narrowing Your Topic 15 minutes Advanced
Peer-Reviewed Journals 25 minutes Basic
Reading Scholarly Articles 30 minutes Advanced
Research Process and Strategies 40 minutes Basic
Searching Using Subject Headings 20 minutes Advanced
Scholarly V. Popular Sources 30 minutes Basic
Troubleshooting a Search 25 minutes Advanced
Using Cited References 25 minutes Advanced
Reading/Creating a Citation 25 minutes Basic


About Information Literacy

The Association for College and Research Library has created national accepted Standards for teaching information literacy. In addition to the classic Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. ACRL has also adopted it's new recommendations in the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. 

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