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Alexander Mack Library: About the Library

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Andrew Pearson

Andrew Pearson
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About the Library

Located centrally on campus, the Alexander Mack Memorial Library is the place for Bridgewater students to continue their learning outside the classroom in an environment equipped with services and technology for students to study, to conduct research or to gather for group projects.

Librarians and trained staff are available to offer formal research instruction or point-of-use assistance for students learning how to conduct research or use resources. The library’s webpage includes research guides, “how-to” guides and video tutorials on using the library’s resources.

The library also supports the learning community with an arrangement of group and individual study seating for more than 240 students along with four group study rooms equipped with audio/visual technology. Students have access to 31 library desktops or laptops or are able to connect their own laptops to the campus’s wireless network.

The library offers a virtual collection of information as well as onsite print resources. Its virtual library includes over 40,000 full-text journals, 26,000 e-books, online reference databases as well as thousands of streaming videos. The physical collections include a general print collection, a core set of print journals, a DVD collection, and a CD collection, and a Special Collections.

Students may engage in primary source materials in the library’s Special Collections, which contains published and non-published materials pertaining to genealogy and the history of Virginia, the College and the Church of the Brethren.

The library houses the Cleo Driver Miller Gallery, which is located on the second floor. The gallery serves the Bridgewater College community as both a teaching space for the visual arts and a formal exhibition space for student exhibitions as well as local and nationally recognized artists’ work.

Library Mission and Vision

The mission of the Alexander Mack Memorial Library is to make available the broad range of learning materials necessary for a comprehensive education in the liberal arts.  Since learning occurs best in an environment where freedom of inquiry and analysis is valued, the library offers access to current resources and technologies that represent a variety of ideas and perspectives and provides learning spaces for critical engagement with these resources.  Supporting the college’s academic programs and mission is the primary goal of the library, but it also encourages lifelong learning by making its collection available to alumni and members of the local community.


Bridgewater College envisions the Alexander Mack Memorial Library as a gateway to knowledge for students, staff, faculty, and community residents. The library thus seeks to

  • Promote a full exploration of knowledge through the use of a wide variety of traditional and contemporary technologies;
  • Provide professional assistance to library users as they search, acquire, verify, and responsibly document information responsibly by using a wide variety of contemporary and traditional technologies;
  • Offer an inviting collaborative setting and programs that enhance a culture of learning consistent with Bridgewater College’s liberal arts tradition and curriculum;
  • Maintain and enhance holdings, facilities, and space that are commensurate with a growing student population;
  • Collect and preserve historical materials related to the history of the college, the Church of the Brethren, and the region and make these materials available to students, faculty, and independent researchers. 


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